Be a Digital Champion with Keeping Digital.

Digital Champions.

Digital Champions are volunteers across York who provide in-person and over the phone support. These sessions not only help our community keep digital, but also help combat loneliness and help keep them connected with society.

As a Digital Champion, you will respond to requests from the public to help assist. In first instance, support will be over the phone, but in-person support at a support centre or at the doorstep will be available if required. At no point, will a volunteer be asked to enter someones home.

Digital Champions will receive training on how to deal with phone calls to how to respond to support their different needs (with handy information to refer them to other services, e.g. mental health services)

Your roles are:

You don't have to be a computer programmer for this role! If you use a computer at home or at work, and perhaps help out your friends and family with tech issues, you are likely to have the skills for this role.

Plus, our volunteering roles are not full time! We understand that volunteering is something that you do in your free-time and so we only ask that you volunteer for at least 4 hours a month (but you can do extra if you want to!)

Although a DBS check is not mandatory for this role, you can opt-in for a discounted one.

It is a requirement to be 16+ to apply for this volunteering opportunity.

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