Coronavirus has changed the way that we do everyday life. One minute we were in the office and the next we are sat at our make shift office (also known as the kitchen table) reading emails and munching on anything we can find in our cupboards. At The Keeping Digital Foundation, we have set up a designated communication channel so we can communicate with our team and work out the best way to resume in the future. Although we are all a while away from running events & workshops, we are confident that we will be in the best position to return as soon as it is safe to do so.

What to expect when we return

Here are some measures we will be putting in place to start a safe return when we’re allowed:

Limited events & attendees

Our events & workshops will only be every 2 months and we will be running multiple smaller sessions with less attendees.

Sanitising stations

At our events & workshops, we ask you to please use the hand sanitiser bottles that are around the venue.

Keep your distance

Social distancing has never been so important, please follow the tape system on the floor and keep your distance at all times.

Frequent cleaning

Our team are frequently cleaning surfaces to keep everyone safe and we are keeping windows and doors open to help ventilation.

Online resources

To fill in the gap of events & workshops, we will be continuing our Code with us scheme as well as updating our Education page.

Team safety

We’re providing our team with visors, masks and asking them to use hand sanitiser to help keep them safe during these difficult times.

Watch our video update:

Our team have created a short video which will inform you of some of the new house rules that we are planning to implement at our face-to-face operations. The rules in the video will be added to, and altered as and when we get new information, but we hope you can take comfort in knowing we are leaving no stones unturned and that we are consistently looking at how we can continue our community activities as safely as possible. The video will take you less than a minute to watch!

Our 'Coronavirus' branding.

Our design team have come up with the two images you can see to the right. These will become part of our branding showing you how to stay safe. To help ‘stop the spread’ at our events and workshops you will see that we will be implementing social distancing (1m-2m to be exact) and working on ways to keep our team, and attendees, safe through frequent hand washing, surface cleaning and through face coverings.


Events & workshops.

We’re following all government guidance and also following our gut instinct to determine whether it is safe to return to running events and workshops. It is our priority to look at the science, and the logistics behind running events & workshops safely and we are looking at ways to keep everyone safe. We’re stocking up on hand sanitiser and will be frequently cleaning surfaces to keep the risk of transmission as low as possible. We will also be reducing the amount of attendees and will be asking you to social distance with the help of floor markings and closing workstations. Selby Pi Jam will return later in the year.

Keeping You E-Safe groups.

We are dedicated to providing a service to support every young person, and their parent/guardian, and to help them get the information they need to keep safe online. As Keeping You E-Safe Support Groups are held in cafe’s and small environments, and involve having a chat over a cuppa, we are continuously looking at alternative ways to provide this service. As of yet we don’t have a date for our support groups to return but we are working on ways to implement social distancing and good hygiene in this sort of environment. Information and advice on e-safety is always available on their website at

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