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Supporting the LGBTQ+ community every month, not just Pride Month.

Here at Keeping Digital, we're super proud to celebrate our LGBTQ+ volunteers, team members and community. Inclusion makes us stronger and we're committed to giving everyone a voice through our Pride network.
Across our organisations, we work with our 'Pride at Keeping Digital' group to fundraise, raise awareness and celebrate the success of campaigns from the hard work of charities. We celebrate our volunteers and continue to make improvements to make our organisation as inclusive as possible.

We're here, so how can we help?

Coronavirus has meant we've had to change the way we do things, but we are still here. We are continuing to provide online digital making activities to allow young people to gain vital digital skills, and we are continuing to support York residents with our digital inclusivity support. No matter what, we're here for you.

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"On a mission to improve digital inclusivity across York and North Yorkshire, and to make digital making skills more accessible to young people."

Keeping Digital Foundation, previously known as York Pi Jam, has been working with the North Yorkshire community for 5 years, supporting thousands of young people with digital making each year and providing free online support for key e-safety issues.

We also provide valuable volunteering opportunities for people across North Yorkshire, allowing opportunities and valuable references.

Working with the community throughout the pandemic.

At Keeping Digital, we are committed to giving back to the public. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic and national restrictions, our face to face activities have been suspended. Our amazing volunteers have continued their work with the community by volunteering with the NHS whilst we await for a return date to our services.


An update on Coronavirus.

Due to current national restrictions, our face-to-face services are suspended and our teams are working from home. We hope to get back to normal soon and are taking steps ready for a safe return like we did last Summer.

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